Welcome to Luxury Unleashed!

Born of inherent passion to provide an exquisitely nurturing experience, Chateau Poochie Dog Resort & Spa embraces the essence of impeccable world-class service. Guests are pampered, entertained, and indulged with meticulous care and personal attention. Every aspect of attending to our guests’ uniquely discerning and sometimes exuberant tastes is perfectly orchestrated to assure happy and satisfied guests, no matter how long or short the stay. It is with exceptional pride that we offer sumptuous accommodations, lavish amenities, and an unparalleled five star resort beyond imagination. Welcome to a dog’s world, like no other.

Whether its for an hour massage, a stylish new coiffure, a day of play, weekend getaway or slightly longer stay, Chateau Poochie's World Class Doggie Resort, spa, wellness center and play care will redefine excellence with everything you've ever wanted for your pup and more!

Chateau Poochie
4301 N Federal Hwy
Pompano Beach, Florida 33064